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Workshops for young people

with a criminal barrister

Who We Are

Streetwise Law is a not for profit community, educational project based in London. We run law workshops for young people presented by an experienced criminal barrister.

We educate, inform and empower young people by teaching them about the criminal laws most likely to impact them.

Established in June 2014, we believe it is important for young people, to be informed about criminal laws that could affect them. We believe that if they understand criminal offences, the risks and consequences of certain activities, police powers and their rights as individuals this will help them to make better decisions, and prevent them becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

Our Mission:

Provide Knowledge

Provide young people with knowledge on the criminal law matters that are most relevant to them, empowering them to make informed decisions in the future.

Myth Bust

Provide young people with information relating to many legal matters which are commonly misunderstood and teach them how to exercise their legal rights.


Inspire young people to pursue a career in law by giving them an opportunity to practice legal skills which can demonstrate that they have the talent to succeed.

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What We Do

Streetwise Law run workshops in schools, youth clubs and other youth organisations.

We can deliver one workshop or run a series of workshops. All the workshops include information about specific criminal offences as well as information about rights of the individual and the procedure of the criminal justice system. Many examples of real cases are used to demonstrate how the law works in practice. There is also information provided about the life as a lawyer and advice on how to pursue a career in law.

The workshops are interactive and include quizzes, power point presentations, debates and discussion, analysis of example scenarios, short films and role-plays.

We welcome questions throughout our sessions and obtain feedback at the end to ensure that what we teach is relevant, useful and interesting.

The workshops are usually one hour in length but they can be adapted to be shorter or longer according to the needs of the organisation.

We do have funding to deliver workshops in the Royal Borough of Greenwich but charge a fee for workshops delivered elsewhere.

Topics Covered:

Stop and Search
Stop & Search

Police use of stop and search is a huge issue for young people in London. Understanding their rights as well as the powers of the police during a stop and search can be essential in...

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Joint Enterprise
Joint Enterprise

Joint enterprise is when two or more people commit a crime together. The law of Joint enterprise means that everyone involved in the crime is responsible for the acts of the others...

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Social Media
Social Media

There are several crimes that can be committed on social media such as online harassment, malicious communications, sexting and revenge porn...

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Drill Music and Gangs
Drill Music & Gangs

UK Drill comes from drill music and road rap originating from Chicago in the US. UK Drill started in Brixton, South London, in 2012. UK Drill...

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Girls and Gangs
Girls & Gangs

Gangs are often seen as male only groups. However many girls are also being recruited into gangs in London...

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Possession of drugs is one of the most common reasons people are stopped and searched and arrested in London...

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Knife crime is a large problem in London and beyond. Many young people continue to be affected by knife crime as victims and offenders...

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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse means abuse in close personal relationships and can be either verbal or physical abuse...

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Meet the Team

Sarah Wilson

Sarah has practiced as a criminal lawyer for more than ten years. She qualified as a solicitor in 2010 and transferred to the bar in 2012. She now works as an independent barrister and a duty solicitor...

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